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Tonsil Stones Causes – What Are Tonsil Stones?


What is tonsil stones? Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths are hard deposits mostly made of calcium, which are usually found in small pockets at the back of your throats called tonsil crypts. These stones normally contain phosphorous, carbonate, ammonia and magnesium but are not regarded as harmful at all, which isn’t to say there aren’t any negative effects of having tonsil stones. These calcium deposits aren’t particularly small and symptoms are not very distinct so is normally not followed up with a visit to the doctors.



If you suffer from bad breath (or halitosis), it is probable that you have tonsil stones because this is one of the main characteristics of them. The bad breath is due to two specific substances in the tonsil stones, notably methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide which both work together to cause this unpleasant smell. Of course you can’t determine that you suffer from tonsil stones just because of bad breath so there are other symptoms we can look at to confirm their presence in our throats. Another symptom of tonsil stones is occasional sore throat caused by this hard object rubbing up on other parts of the throat. Another symptom that people suffering from tonsil stones display are small whiteish/yellowish spots visible near the back of the throat, this is a much more distinct feature and suggests prevent tonsil stones much more strongly.



So what causes tonsil stones in your throat? If you remember the tonsil crypts I talked about earlier, these small pockets in your throat are great places for bacteria, mucus and other random substances to build up. After a while all these materials stick together and harden, which subsequently produce these unwanted tonsils stones. Some people are more likely to suffer from tonsilloliths because they have a more vulnerable throat for things to build up in, this could be due to hygiene or simply your mouth shape.



Now, although I have mentioned that removing tonsil stones is not incredibly important because it is not life threatening. However, the presence of these throat stones may suggest an underlying problem with mouth hygiene or other problems with the throat. For this reason I would definitely recommend you follow this post up with finding the root cause and solution for it.



How to get rid of tonsil stones forever in an effective way?


Probaly you have had tonsil stones on and off for over a year now or maybe this could be longer. For the long period you suffer tonsil stones, may be you have tried gargling with warm saltwater, gargling with hydrogen peroxide, going to the doctor, going to the ENT doctor, using a water pick (that did not work- my tongue kept springing forward as a reflex before the water could reach my tonsils) and so on. But all this doesn’t work well at the end.



remove tonsil stones at home - remove tonsils

remove tonsil stones at home - remove tonsils




So you don’t know what to do and you are still sick of them after all these trying to get rid of tonsil stones forever. Have your ENT doctor said this would be the worst time of your life to take out your tonsils, and that should be the last last resort?



This time, most of the thing you think about maybe is: How do I get tonsil stones out once and for all forver?



In this article I only want to tell you that I am share the same fate with you, I also suffer tonsil stones for 2 years and Also (try my best to) attempt to find a way to get rid of tonsil stones forever.



I have had this problem and now my son has them too. We both have allergies and apparently they can be caused by that and post nasal drip. I haven’t found a good way to prevent them yet either. I just get something long and flat and use a flashlight and dislodge them myself. It is possible and it really does not hurt once you figure out how to go about it. You can actually see them if you stick your tongue all the way out and look inside your tonsil flaps.